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Our services include inspection and evaluation of the actual condition of all the systems within the property. We provide dollar value estimates for those systems that have issues at the time of the inspection or that may need replacement in soon after. This information will help you make an educated decision when it comes to buying or selling a home. You can also use it to make a budgetary plan for future expenses.


Whenever an apartment or warehouse inspection is performed, we do a walk around the building(s) with the purpose of providing customers with a complete vision of the surrounding conditions. Recommendations are made to our customers on questions to ask the condominium or building management. These questions include future expenditures and city inspection requirements for the 40-year recertification.

Insurance Reports

Unlike some of our competitors, we pay close attention to issues related to property systems that may affect your ability to obtain a fairly priced insurance policy. In some cases insurance companies will even decline your policy. Our clients are informed of the items that must be taken care of in the short and/or medium term in order to obtain an insurance policy. It is important to recognize that being able to obtain a fairly priced insurance policy can make or break your real estate purchasing deal. Our main goal is to protect our clients; therefore we pay very close attention to details. Insurance matters!

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