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Our Services: 

FULL INSPECTION & REPORT (Systems & Items to be cover):

ROOF SYSTEM: Roof Top, Roof Covering (Tile/Shingle), Flashing & Vent stacks, Overhangs & Gable Ends, Roof Framing (Attic).

PLUMBING: Water Meter, Water Main Valve, Pipes, Hose Bibbs, Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures.

STRUCTURE:  Exterior Walls, Foundation, Attic & Crawl Space.

EXTERIOR DOORS & WINDOWS: Main Entry Door & Garage Doors, Side & Rear Exit Doors, Sliding Doors & Windows.

ELECTRICAL: Main Service Entrance & Meter, Main Shut Off Switch, Service Panel, Outlets, Switches & Fixtures.

MECHANICAL SYSTEMS: Kitchen Appliances, Water Heater, A/C System.  

MOLD ASSESSMENTS:  Environmental Indoor Air quality testing.

NOTE: At the time of the inspection, we will look for others potential issues as WDO (Wood destroying organisms) and/or Termite Evidence, Visible Signs of Mold, Possible Hidden Damages and Indicators of Chinese Drywall.
In Regards Pool, Spa, Jacuzzi & Whirlpool inspection, SEE our Contract/Exclusion and Limitations.

Our Prices:

                                                                           Note: (Please call for Estimates)


Wind Mitigation Inspection  $200

Insurance 4-Point Inspection $250

Chinese Drywall Survey $350

     Note: The three above inspections and reports are priced individually. For each additional inspection "if added" to a full inspection: $150.



Infrared images reveal problems from sources of energy loss, moisture intrusion and structural issues, overheating electrical and mechanical equipment.

Prices vary depending on the field to be inspected. Call for pricing.






PLEASE READ CAREFULLY (Before we perform any inspection):

  • The Customer or Legal representative has to sign a Contract that explains the Exclusions and Limitations of the Inspection (The purpose of it is to protect both parties).

  • The Customer or Legal representative has to make sure property's services "ON" at the moment of the inspections (without power, gas and water is IMPOSSIBLE to perform the Full Inspection or the Four Point Inspection). There will be a fee charge if at the time of the inspection there are no services ($40 Dade County , $60 Broward County).

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